Instructions for runpatterns.bat





After you invoke runpatterns.bat a textfile pops up that shows the first three levels of a tree to solve the pentomino problem with fletcher3.exe.You can create various trees by editing this file and saving it. But if you just close it then fhe patterns and structure of the tree are displayed by patterns.exe. If you select "fletcher3holes" from the "Run" menu, the steps of fletcher3hole are displayed. If you put 49 into the edit box, the first solution is displayed. It is feasible now to execute Fletcher's Method using the displayed pentomino patterns and comparing your results with the Pentomino Display Window. After only 49 steps you should get the first solution! The small C Program, dashcounter.c, in the fletcher3hole directory opens the solution file, fewer.txt, and counts the number of dashes in each line. The 49th line has no dashes.